Phantasy Star Online 2's new achievements in episode 5

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I took a look and selected the 5th integration list in Phantasy Star Online 2. Then sum up a total of 3 achievements, a total of 100 Gamerscore, and none of them are secret.

As we all know, Phantasy Star Online 2 was developed and released by SEGA, and released on April 15, 2020. It can be said that since its release, it has been welcomed by many players, whether it is old players or new players, they are keen to unlock some interesting achievements. Interestingly, one of the achievements mentioned episode 1, but these achievements are likely to be related to episode 5 released today on September 30.

Episode 5 involves many new content, changes, features, and stories. The main content of the fifth episode is to find yourself on the plains decorated with flowers and fog. Players will feel satisfied under the strong sense of displacement and chaos. Players will fight the Profound Darkness again, and want to cut off its corrupt control of Persona. Suddenly, you will feel the shock of the rider approaching, and you will find a girl riding on a mount with scales, causing other riders to flee similar beasts. The PSO2 Meseta confrontation seems imminent, and you have a short time to think about what this new puzzle will bring to the adventure.

ARKS has found a door to Omega, where fantasy, sword and magic have become current trends rather than technology and science. Then there is a man named Alma

The strange woman also appeared and obtained information about Omega and ARKS. Omega itself is divided into Cuento and Weyland, which are the land of nature and magic, composed of plains and winds, as well as "oasis" transformed into "barren dunes" Epyk and a peaceful country Ys Artia, the final destination is the woods And hills.

Episode 5 also introduces a new enemy: Supernaturals, created by "sorcerous summoning-catalyzed by Ephemera". SEGA stated that so far, the agents have encountered Omega Wolf, Foi Sorcerers, Castrum Demonica and Resta Golems, but it seems that more are possible. There is also a new type of Buster Quest, in which a team of eight agents defends Buster Towers and Buster Piles (weapons), preparing to defeat the Castrum Demonica.

Fleet Oracle now has a new hero class, which uses swords, dual machine guns ,which can be used for long-range combat and can recover PP, and amulets. The hero also owns photon art, such as Trickflash, Jet Wheel and Starfire Squall. In fact, Episode 5 also contains a lot of content, such as increasing the new level cap to 90, new titles, new season events, new alliance areas, and more.

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