Madden 21's next franchise upgrade will hopefully bring much-needed solutions

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The amendment to the Madden 21 franchise has not shaken the ground, but has been implemented, which means that EA has fulfilled its promise to the community. In the three-part restoration series, there is also an update. EA hopes to bring the ball to the goal line with a greatly improved and completely perfect franchise model in Madden 22.

One of the main parts of the next franchise model improvement planned for February is the improvement of trade logic. EA is clearly aware that the trading logic in the current transaction is terrible, and it has been revealed in a recent tweet by Bryan Wiedey or Pasta Padre.

After Deshaun Watson (Deshaun Watson) seemed to reveal a certain degree of dissatisfaction with the Houston Texans, discussions on all topics were going on, revolving around with each team. There is a lot of speculation about potential transactions.

One of the main points in the Watson trade discussion is that a team must provide the Texans with a plan full of drafts in order to pry the 25-year-old from Houston.

If the Texans unwisely accept the Watson deal, then the conversation seems to have to start with multiple first-round picks. If you think that the Seattle Seahawks must be separated from the two first-round players to get the globally safe Jamal Adams from the New York Jets, then you can imagine what it takes to attract a young elite quarterback like Watson . Madden 21 Coins will make you the envy of others.

Wiedey, like many football players, decided to Buy MUT Coins to see what price he would get if he controlled the Texans and made Watson tradeable. Let us say that this is not very realistic.


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